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Jan 11, 2023
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Play Chess Online for Free!

It is time to put your chess skills to the challenge and take on fellow players from across the chess world in the ultimate game of strategy and guile. This modern, mobile chess game utilizes simple and user-friendly graphics and offers entry-level and professional chess gameplay for players of all skill levels. Moreover, it’s free to play.

🌐 Play Chess Online with Friends for Free
With Chess Online, you can battle against your friends in a head-to-head, real-time chess match or go up against complete strangers at random. Our chess matchmaking options also incorporate chat features and a global ranking system allowing you to showcase your skills and see how you measure up to a worldwide audience of chess players.
– Compete against random players in a real-time chess match
– Opt to play chess with friends at any time
– Chit-chat with friends and opponents alike
– Prove your mettle with Chess Online’s ranking system, exclusive to online games

🤖 Play Against CPU
Not everyone is an online gamer. If you prefer, you can pit your wits against an AI challenger with our Quick Game mode. Ideal for newbies, this option lets you practice and hone your chess skills over time before tackling fellow players from across the online chess world.

📍 Play Local
Take advantage of a local chess multiplayer mode and play chess with friends sitting on a couch or across a table. Take turns making your moves in a local chess game where you’ll have instant bragging rights.

🧩 Chess Missions
Chess Online goes further than many of its counterparts, incorporating missions into its gaming mechanics. Complete chess missions to bag rewards, XP and more. Missions include reaching specific levels, winning under certain conditions, playing a designated number of matches, and more. Earn rewards based on your efforts and use those rewards to showcase your skills and character to other players.
– Complete chess missions to snap up rewards
– The more difficult the game, the better the rewards
– Unlock consumables such as name colors via mission points

👤 Avatars
Add some style to your character with Chess Online’s avatars. Collect experience by playing chess and use that XP to unlock and snap up avatars. Compete in challenges and matches to raise your level, with bigger and better avatars available for higher-ranked players.

🎖️ Chess Experience
Every sniff of victory rewards players in this chess game. Bag experience points as you take on AI, random players, and mates, and put that XP to good use by claiming unlockables.

❓ How to Play Chess in Our App
Our chess game is about as straightforward as it is possible to get. A wooden-style board and interface, complete with realistic pieces and conventional rules,forms part of our easy-to-use classic board game.

After selecting your chess piece, any possible moves will be highlighted in green. Illegal moves are always showcased in red. Strategically move and position your pieces around the board to capture your enemy’s pieces one by one. Once all the pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, and queens are cleared, you can go for the win.

Surround the opposing player’s king in a checkmate position until they have no legal moves to make to win and take the victory.

❓ Why not challenge a friend?
You can enjoy gameplay solo or with friends. Play chess for free and hone your craft before taking on online competitors. Our brain-training chess game is suited for single player action, team games and more.

⭐ Feedback is appreciated
Whether you’re new to the game and have questions, want to brag about how you snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, or even if you simply want to let us know what you think – don’t hesitate to drop us some feedback.

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