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Since 2002, millions of intergalactic overlords have been fighting for mastery of the universe, putting their strategic cunning and military strength to the test in this titan of space strategy games.
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Dec 5, 2022
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Since 2002, millions of intergalactic overlords have been fighting for mastery of the universe, putting their strategic cunning and military strength to the test in this titan of space strategy games.

Start developing your humble planet, and claim victory in intergalactic battles – any time, any place! Dispatch your fleets on missions from the comfort of your own home, or turbocharge your resource production while on the go with your smartphone.
Exploit your home planet’s valuable resources to build a powerful war machine, and gain the upper hand by researching new technologies. Expand your empire by colonising new planets, forging alliances and picking strategic battles against other players. Bold space pioneers can expect to face many perils and challenges, but also find power and glory in the endless depths of the cosmos.

In OGame you can choose between three classes to find the gaming style which suits you best. Each class has a different focus, whether resource production, combat or research, as well as a unique class of ship: Crawlers for the Collector, Reapers for the General, and Pathfinders for the Discoverer.

Also choose one of four different lifeforms:
– Exploit the Humans’ varied and balanced skill set, and search the cosmos for other lifeforms.
– Play the curious Kaelesh, a species specialised in exploring the universe.
– Harvest your resources more effectively than anyone else as leader of the Rock’tal.
– Lead superior fleets into battle with the Mechas and take advantage of their artificial intelligence.

War rages in the darkness of space. Legions of pioneers brave their ways into unknown quadrants, founding new colonies and securing valuable resources. Fleets are constructed, galaxies conquered. The destiny of your people lies in your hands!
There is so much to discover in OGame – uncover the secrets of space and become the undisputed ruler of the universe!

Regular content updates and new servers keep the game feeling fresh. Will you manage to rise to the top of the highscore tables and prove you have the makings of a born leader?

Everything in OGame revolves around development, research and space battles:
– Build your economic and militaristic infrastructure
– Research new technologies for your empire
– Protect your resources with various defence systems
– Launch expeditions to explore the vastness of space
– Trade with other peaceful civilisations
– Settle new planets and expand your territory
– Develop your lifeforms and lead them to victory

Fleet battles between the stars:
– Build a powerful space fleet, from fighters right up to a deathstar
– Claim victory in battles for precious resources
– Forge alliances and conquer enemy planets together
– Climb the rankings and become number one in the universe

What's new

- Artifacts added

- Fixed an issue that levels in the build list all had the same level
- Fixed an issue that caused spy messages to display placeholders
- Fixed an issue that the planet sorting didn't work well when you have to scroll in that menu
- Fixed an issue that alliance overview broke