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*** The latest 2023 Version ***
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*** The latest 2023 Version ***

5 Million+ Downloads

Offline Multiplayer mode! Play with your friends on the same device!

UK English & US English are Differentiated!

Available in 13 languages!

Download now to experience the best English spelling learning game with all new content and an entirely new experience!

Playing the Ultimate English spelling quiz will allow you to learn commonly misspelt English words.

Practice new spelling quizzes daily to become a Spellbee champion!

This English spelling game is just like a small dictionary of IMP Selected Spellings very useful for school vocabulary.

2500 English Spellings Quiz with Pronunciations, Definitions and Example Sentences…
500 New Odd One-Out Questions
1900 New Grammar Quiz in Fill in the Blanks format to Improve your English Grammar.

Also Includes:
Spelling Facts
– Similar Words
– Foreign Origin Words
– Common Slangs
– American vs British English Spellings
– Acronyms
– Phobias

Bonus Quizzes
– Synonyms Quiz
– Antonym Quiz
– Plural Quiz
– Simple Past Tense Quiz

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This English spelling Quiz is also very helpful to those who are learning English Speaking, English Grammar and English words. This English spelling game will make the learning process fast and easy.
Ultimate English spelling quiz is an English spelling game that will make your efficiency in English very well.
Ultimate English spelling quiz will help you in learning New English words Daily.

Ultimate English spelling quiz is a vast free word game. By using these word game quizzes, you can improve mostly all areas like English speaking, English Phrases, English words, etc…
In this free English spelling quiz, we have different categories like English spelling quiz 1, English spelling quiz 2, bonus quizzes like synonyms quiz, antonyms quiz, plural quiz, simple past tense quiz etc…. which will increase your vocabulary power, solving English Grammar, English word power; as a result, your English speaking will be very powerful and will give exercise to your brain in spelling, which may increase your brainpower.
This spelling game has facts about the English language also, in which we have categories like English spelling facts, similar words facts, foreign origin words list, common slang used in spoken English, the difference between American English vs British English, acronyms etc….. all these categories will ultimately increase your efficiency in learning English words, English speaking, English grammar etc…

These type of vocabulary-free games will help you to learn English word easily with fun, so learning English words will be easy & fun to learn for all, which make Damtech Designs’ ultimate English spelling quiz one of the best apps among the all English language courses, English speaking apps, English grammar apps and word games. This English spelling game will be very useful for IELTS preparation or TOEFL preparation etc…. this spelling game has more than 6000 words for improving English Grammar, improving English vocabulary, learning English spelling and learning English words and again it will be beneficial in IELTS prep and TOEFL preparation.
It’s like a huge English word dictionary game & it will be your Vocabulary Trainer for Learning English words. Learning English words is very easy in playing, so it will be very fun with learning, English spelling games will be like lovers of English Puzzles Crosswords, Sudoku, English brain teasers games and learn English word spelling quizzes.

It can also be very helpful in preparing for competitive exams and civil service exams like UPSC, IAS, MBA, BBA, HSC, SSC, GATE, CAT, CET, IPS AIEEE, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, BANK’S recruitment, Railway’s Exams, IELTS and TOEFL etc…

This test is designed in MCQ’s (Multiple choice questions) style.
This English spelling app will help to Increase your vocabulary of English spelling, so it will improve your English speaking skills.

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